M2 Woman: your say


We spoke to four inspiring, hard-working women to find out their thoughts on success, gender stereotypes and inspiration.

Q: I’d name my autobiography: 
A: Diving Head First

Q: To me success means:
A: To reach the end of your life having enjoyed every moment along the way and look back, regretting nothing.  

Q: My most treasured possession:
A: My family

Q: Best advice I’ve been given was:  
A: You have to believe you are capable of something well before any external proof of actually being capable of it.

Q: Biggest ‘pinch me’ moment: 
A: Receiving the residency at Parlour Projects having the support to be able to bring the concept to life.

Q: I made my first dollar:  
A: Busking in Tauranga, my hometown 

Q: In five years’ time, I see myself:
A: Creating work I can’t even imagine making now – I’m always trying to push myself on and surprise myself. Having continued to build a strong foundation for a career and starting to exhibit internationally. I’d rather build up slowly and create work that endures.

Q: Life motto:  
A: If you can’t do something, do it anyway and you’ll learn along the way!

Q: Favourite book: 
A: The Great Gatsby (no contest). It’s the most beautifully crafted writing.

Q: Signature scent: 
A: Chanel Number 5 – a total classic.

Q: Movie with the best ending: 
A: Inception 

Q: The women who inspire me: 
A: The generations of strong women in my family and my friends who are as equally ambitious as me!

Q: I believe we can make a change to gender diversity:
A: I think we need to improve the under-representation of women artists in dealer galleries

Q: The biggest change I would like to see in the world in 2018: 
A: More real life connections between people. Living simply and with less.

Q: I believe pay equity is important:  
A:Absolutely! I can’t believe this still happens…